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MastKalandar: Advertising is Expensive (so like us). Good Ad?

Do users really care if you need help in saving money? I mean, do “YOU” (as a business) even matter when you cannot excite people to like your FB/Twitter account?

For Girls, Women, Boys and Men are Different Genders

Is Yebhi redefining gender definition?

Startup Survival Guide

Go cheap with furniture and other perks that you could indulge in, like flying class and not taking the front parking lot.

What are indian consumers really buying online?

Any report out there or anyone have any insights on to what India’s consumers buy the most online? Is it books, mobile phones, computers?

The coming e-commerce shakeout (?)

There’s a new e-commerce company every other week. Differentiation is melting away, and giving way to the common denominator of “better pricing” alone. Many have non-existent back-ends, some are using VC cash to grab (a very non-sticky) market share with lossy discounting.

How do startups use Facebook ‘Pages’?

I am curious to know how Facebook Pages are used by startups. How do you approach ‘Pages’ compared to the default experience where one can add friends, etc.? What kind of effort do you put towards maintaining ‘Pages’?

Affordable $ payment gateway with automatic recurring billing

If I wanted to collect payment from consumers in India also (We plan to market it to Indian consumers also) and use a American gateway(for NRI audience), I learn that the paypal and US payment gateways don’t support netbank and some of the other Indian issued  cards??

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