EcoMove – Eco Friendly Traveling, i.e. Hire a Cycle


If you travel a lot (using public transport system), and spend whole lot of time on waiting period (say, for bus/train), you might as well want to take cycling as a viable option to cover short distances.

Mumbai based EcoMove is launching rental station network that allows you to hire and return a bicycle.

The project will be first implemented in Mumbai (perfect test bed) and will have 40 locations to start off.

Here is how the system will work:

The EMS system is based on the availability of rental bicycles at key locations. These bicycles will be secured to their bike stands. An EMS registered user can take the bicycle for his use from any of the rental station and can leave the bicycle in the same or any other rental station.

The target market is ofcourse, the office goers/college students/health freaks/short distance travelers; and of course people who want cheaper and faster way to travel.

What’s your opinion on Ecomove? Will you use a service like this?

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