Google Launches Opensource iBeacon Rival Eddystone

Eddystone is an open source, cross-platform Bluetooth LE beacon format. Unlike Apple’s iBeacon, Eddystone will not be restricted to just one type of device and will be supported by Android, iOS or any other platform that supports BLE beacons. Eddystone fits into Google’s growing IoT ecosystem that already consists of tech like Weave, Thread and Brillo.

Google has announced the launch of ‘Eddystone’ a new open source, cross-platform Bluetooth LE beacon format to power location specific information that’ll make up the Internet of Things.

Google Eddystone

For example, a beacon can label a bus stop so your phone knows to have your ticket ready, or a museum app can provide background on the exhibit you’re standing in front of.

The company picked the name Eddystone after the lighthouse in the UK on the lines of a lighthouse guiding a ship out at sea and a Bluetooth beacon guiding users and apps.

With Eddystone, Google is working to build an ecosystem of businesses, developers, and manufacturers that can rally behind a singular Bluetooth beacon standard and push the IoT agenda.

Apple already has its own proprietary Bluetooth beacon technology called iBeacon, however, like most things to come out of Cupertino the tech is locked to just iDevices.

Eddystone, on the other hand, will work with any platform that supports BLE beacons including iOS and Android. Moreover, it’s open source and the codebase is available on GitHub under the Apache v2.0 license.

Further, Eddystone also supports multiple frame types that can perform a variety of functions unlike iBeacon and Google’s The Physical Web solutions.

Eddystone is part of Google’s growing IoT ecosystem that consists of:

Weave – A proprietary IoT protocol designed primarily for the house and to be secure and private

Thread – An IP-based wireless communication protocol

The Physical Web – An open Web specification for a beacon-delivered URL

Brillo – An upcoming Android-based operating system for IoT devices

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