Windows 10’s Edge Browser Will Not Support Silverlight

Microsoft has confirmed that its Edge browser that ships with Windows 10 will not support its own Silverlight web-based media player.

Microsoft Edge

The reason cited for the change was that support for ActiveX had been discontinued with Edge, removing support for Silverlight too.

Edge will not use many of the features of its older Internet Explorer browsers as the company wanted to move away from legacy technology that was holding it back.

Microsoft added that it will continue to support Silverlight but advises companies to transition to DASH/MSE/CENC/EME based designs and to follow a single, DRM-interoperable encoding workflow enabled by CENC.

Silverlight was Microsoft’s alternative to Adobe’s Flash player which was launched back in 2007. Since 2011 the company hasn’t released a new version of Silverlight and hasn’t indicated plans to do so in the future too.

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