Edtech Startup Kleverkid Shuts Down Operations

Delhi-based after-school hobby and education services marketplace, KleverKid, has closed down operations.

“All we had to go on was what the pundits told us: You’re not making enough money fast enough. It was a good question. When I tried to answer it, I came up short,” co-founder Shabnam Aggarwal wrote in her personal blog, in a post titled, ‘Confessions of a Failed Entrepreneur’.

The one thing I’ve discovered after building companies for 8 years in India, is that I am not truly an entrepreneur, not in the stereotypical sense at least. A true entrepreneur builds a business with the goal to make enough money to survive and thrive. The money never mattered much to me, it was never the end goal, nor even in the top 5. It was always just a conduit to reaching more kids. To saving more heroes and their dreams. This might sound like some Mother Teresa crap, but I promise you, it’s not. It’s senseless not to care about money.

Before founding Kleverkid, Aggarwal was a guest lecturer at IIT Delhi. Previously, she served as an advisor at Eneza Education and headed strategic partnerships at Pearson.

In March 2015, the company raised over $500,000 in seed funding from Mohandas Pai’s Aarin Capital Partners and other angel investors.

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