eFarm – Farm-to-Home supply chain Platform

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eFarm – Farm-to-Home supply chain Platform

Chennai based startup, eFarm is a farm-to-home supply chain platform for procuring and delivering farm based produce in a transparent, economical and efficient manner .

Essentially, eFarm ties all the entities in value chain – right from farmers, intermediaries, logistics providers, distributors,small time retailers, all the way up to the local road side vendor into a single chain to deliver fresh, clean,low priced farm produce.

This is how eFarm works:

  • Identifies the demand from customers in advance (check out this order form(excel sheet))
  • Aggregates the demand by produce type and identify the best source of supply.
  • Use a simple, IT driven order matching system to determine right sourcing & logistics strategy to fulfill the order.
  • Minimise wastage by procuring only what is required
  • Fix rates based on overall operational costs and margins taking into account all members in the supply chain
  • Immediate distribution through different marketing channels (bulk orders, door delivery, hand carts, walk-ins) to reduce need for storage/deep freezing etc.
  • Collate requirements/Aggregate demand using the network of area coordinators.
  • Match orders across their network of suppliers, farmers.
  • Just in time procurement

Basically, a smart implementation of pull-based supply chain, wherein you reduce the uncertainity in demand forecast/fluctuations (check the step-by-step process in the embedded slideshow).

eFarm also helps farmers understand supply chain – the most interesting part being the fact that they involve every entity in the ecosystem – right from SHGs to Farmers/Government etc.

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