Impact Of Underpaid Professionals On The Industry


Impact Of Underpaid Professionals On The Industry

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AI-PMT Applicants Over The Years (appx. data)

Will it kill the Industry?

Even with increase in population and growth in students taking up higher education, the medical industry is seeing lack of interest. The number of MBBS aspirants are seriously declining and situation will soon be alarming. And guess what, better paid engineers are to be blamed for this! Quick overview on what media has been saying.

It takes 10 years to complete the medical course while engineering students graduate in four years and get lucrative jobs as well. –Source

Each student after toiling for 10 years has to then invest to setup his or her own clinic. These practical aspects are pushing the fixation with medical careers down. – Source

The lack of interest among students for medicine assumes significance in view of the acute shortage of doctors in the country… It may be due to better pay package and benefits in engineering – The Hindu

It is to be noted that compared to the JEE, the number of candidates for the CBSE’s pre-medical test (PMT), which was held on last Sunday witnessed a steep decline in the number of candidates. – Source

The CBSE has noted a drop in the number of candidates taking up biology in Class 12 in 2008 and the trend has started worrying experts and the medical fraternity. – DNA

When you find better substitute, only the brand dies but when you find an alternative, the industry dies.

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