Here Comes an ELearning Device From India – iBerry EdBook

India is a land of opportunity when it comes to building tablet devices for school children, especially after the announcement of $35 laptop from the government. 2011 is when we will first get to see the rollout of this $35 device and while this happens, it will increase the awareness of such devices among the masses.

Cashing on this is a Noida based company iBerry that is launching EBerry-EdBook, a tablet that doubles up as an elearning device plus 3G compatible mobile phone. edberry

Key features of EBerry-EdBook are:

3G compatible

EBerry-EdBook is a 3G compatible device which can run through your mobile phone’s sim-card. You can also make calls through EBerry-EdBook..

e-Learning Content

The course content includes high definition videos with amazing and interactive animations to make the learning process more simpler and exciting. EBerry-EdBook, follows the NCERT guidelines and maps to various State Boards starting with CBSE is an integrated solution specially designed education book to support students from Class 6th to 12th to keep ahead in their search for excellence.

Built on iBerry’s in-house developed operating system called the eBerry-Paper, other key features of the device include solar charger, interactive AV dictionary and most importantly an online tutor. Students can learn while their online tutor gives them instructions or keeps an online eye on their work.
The device also prevents users from straying away on the internet while studying – users can only access special e-learning tools and programs, while general Internet content will not be available without entering a password. These passwords will only be given to teachers and parents.edbook


Approx Rs 36,500! [in the same range as Dell streak price in India and Galaxy Tab].

Our Take

Given the price tag, we believe that the product is surely not yet suited for a typical Indian student (which company claims to be its target group and defines the product as a way to contribute to the society!). Most importantly, with the rise of Android devices in India (plus apps), companies like iBerry will have to revisit their in-house OS strategy.

Moreover, what is important in a ‘tablet for children’ play? Content or the Tablet? As always the most difficult part of any business is to answer ‘What Business Am I In’, and iBerry really needs to clearly define its positioning.

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