Election 2009: BJP’s IT Vision – Support for Open Source, Unlimited VoIP Access

BJP has released it’s IT Vision document for the upcoming election and here are some interesting points:

  • Government to standardise on ‘open standard’ and ‘open source’ software.
  • Unlimited VoIP access to all
  • Internet users to equal mobile subscribers. India to equal China in every IT parameter in five years.
Advani - BJPs IT Vision
  • Broadband Internet (2 Mbps) in every town and village, at cable TV prices (less than Rs 200/month).
  • 1 crore (10 million) students to get laptop computers at Rs 10,000. Interest-free loan for anyone unable to afford it.
  • All schools and colleges to have Internet-enabled education.
  • Every BPL family to be given a free smart mobile phone, which can be used by even illiterate users for accessing their bank accounts.
  • Video conferencing to be made affordable and universally accessible.
  • Primary Health Centre in every village to be linked to the National Telemedicine Service Network. Basic health insurance scheme for every citizen, using the IT platform. Cashless hospitalisation.
  • All post offices to be converted into IT-enabled Multi-Service Outlets. All telephone booths to be upgraded to Internet kiosks.
  • Citizens will have a simple 1-800 BSNL Toll Free Number, which will be accessible 24x7x 365 days of the year, to contact their Member of Parliament.
  • e-Bhasha: National Mission for Promotion of IT in Indian Languages.
  • An independent body, Digital Security Agency (DSA), to be set up for cyber warfare, cyber counter-terrorism, and cyber security of national digital assets. – get more details here.

Har Hindustani ka bank khaata;
Har BPL parivar ko smart phone
Har gaon mein broadband suvidha;
Har school mein Internet shiksha;
Sabko rozgaar; Shaasan Janata ke dwaa

What’s your opinion on BJP’s IT manifesto? Surely a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), but in tune with the time! Does this help in attracting tech crowd?

We do need a forward looking government which encourages open source/innovation (remember the debate over Microsoft’s OOXML standards?) – but these promises seem more like fairy tales (unlimited VoIP?)

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