Congress Manifesto – Broadband Connectivity for ‘ALL’ Villages, Focus on Entrepreneurs..

The Yapping season is in and after BJP and CPI’s Manifesto, comes Congress Manifesto.

Few highlights:

  • We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time
    While connectivity across the country has increased manifold in recent years, the Indian National Congress pledges to bring the fruits of the IT revolution to more cities and towns. It also pledges to connect every village to a broadband network within three years. This will help locate new, non-agricultural jobs in villages and open vast new opportunities for our rural youth.
  • We will give special focus to the small entrepreneur and to small and medium enterprises
    The Indian National Congress pledges a targeted cluster-based approach to the growth of SMEs. There are a very large number of such clusters already in different areas like textiles, food processing, handlooms and handicrafts, consumer goods, khadi, coir and other traditional industries, and engineering. These clusters, mostly in small and medium towns, will be given access to finance, technology and marketing and will be provided vastly improved infrastructure.
  • We will carry out a massive renewal of our extensive science and technology infrastructure

Download Congress’s manifesto (doc) and share your opinion/comments. As far as my opinions are concerned, I believe there are too many ‘We will’ in the doc and it does need a lot of ‘will’ power’ to convert them into reality – and by the way, Congress missed out one point – ‘We will conduct 3G auction by <fill in the blank>’!

As mentioned earlier, I have started a thread in the forum to discuss the Technology manifesto for India Inc:  India Election 2009 – Your Technology Manifesto? Do share your opinion/thoughts.

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