Election Essentials: Apps for Gaming & the Uninitiated


Election Essentials: Apps for Gaming & the Uninitiated

So the elections will be upon us soon, and political parties are keeping busy. Meanwhile, Indian app developers seem to have picked which side they would like to be on, or rather, not be on. Here’s a curated list of some of the best election related apps to support your candidate, or to simply vent your anger.

1. Kaun Banega PM?

Help your favoured candidate win the Bakrapur elections and become the Prime Minister of Bakrapur.Kaun Banega PM is an app from the makers of the movie Yeh Hai Bakrapur, a social satire set in rural India.

kaun banega pm

The objective of the game is for you, the protagonist played by a goat named Shahrukh to capture your parties symbols and help them win. Players can select candidates and constituencies from across states, and a leaderboard on the app displays the party that is winning across the country.

The App Developer Says,

The makers of Yeh hai Bakrapur encourage all of you over the age of 18 to exercise your right to vote and participate in the world’s largest democratic process.

2. ModiMan 3D Run

modiman 3d

Quite a few Narendra Modi apps on the Play Store, from Modi Run to Modi Hill Climb to Modi MARIO Run, it looks like no stone has been left unturned by Modi’s fans. However, ModiMan 3D Run certainly does stand out from the others for the quality of graphics on the game.

The objective of the game? Help Modi run through the streets of Delhi dodging autos, jumping over hurdles and breeze through traffic to reach the Prime Minister’s chair.

modiman 3d II

The App Developer Says,

Are you a BJP supporter? Do you want Narendra Modi as your next Prime Minister in the coming elections? If the answer is yes, then come play ModiMan Run 2014.

3. AAP Ki Aag

One for the AAP supporters, Aap Ki Aag has been termed as a “physics based puzzle” by the developer. The hero of the game, Arvind Kejriwal, is equipped with a slingshot to help eliminate corrupt politicians. Corrupt politicians in the game are represented through the heads of Modi, Manmohan Singh, Kalmadi, and more.

It had 32 levels, with obstacles including springs, anti-gravity, electric shock and worm holes. The aim is to collect three stars at each level to root out corruption entirely.

“AAP KI AAG is physics puzzle game in which our hero fight against corrupt politicians. Play and share AAP KI AAG game to root out the evil of corruption from society.”- App developers message.

4. Angry Voters

It’s Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi Vs Arvind Kejriwal on this Angry Birds inspired app. Instead of birds, users can pick from bouquets, eggs, slippers and sweets to demolish their targets. Their targets being Modi, Rahul gandhi and Kejriwal. The scores from across the country are updated on the website to keep track of which candidate is winning. There are 7 stages for the Angry Voters to complete.

The App Developer Says,

A lot of talk about “who would become the Next Prime Minister” is buzzing in each and every nook  and corner of India. Here comes Angry Voters, an app that offers you the right to vote and right to reject the given candidates.

On the other hand, for the more serious voter, the first time voter and those who don’t know how to vote…

1. Voter Registration India

This is a BJP affiliated app, nothing fancy, but is brilliant when it comes to helping you get registered to vote. After downloading the app, users just have to fill in pre-configured fields that include personal details like name, city, constituency phone number and all other details required.

kaun banega pm

Once the fields are filled and submitted, the app forwards the completed application form to the address along with details on the steps and where to go from there to get the forms submitted at the electoral office. Get it here.

2. India Election 2014 Candidates

candidates 2014

The go-to app to find all the details you want to know about candidates contesting from your constituency. The India Election 2014 Candidates app gives a list of candidates from all 43 constituencies in the country. Users just have to select the state, city and constituency to receive the list of candidates. It also includes the details of major parties, and the candidate details are complete with personal details furnished as well.

Get it here.

3. Voting Line

A gamified voting platform which gives trends of parties at various levels.  A user must register on the app with various options personal details including age, occupation, state, caste etc. They then cast the vote against the preferred party/candidate.

voting line

Once the voting is done, users can take a look at trends from across the country at different constituencies. The trends are further subdivided according to age, occupation etc giving insight into a demographic profile for a certain party. Again, quite useful for trends and analysis, but can be easily manipulated. Voting Line Play Store here.


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