Electric-Cab Service Lithium To Launch Its Operations In Bangalore

With more than 200  features like panic button, remaining charge and location, Lithium is likely to hit Bengaluru’s taxi market starting from next month.
The electric taxis will be cloud-connected safety features focused primarily to meet the  transportation requirements of Tech and other outsourcing companies in the city. Passenger safety and fuel-efficiency being the keys, the Lithium will begin its initial phase with about 100 such electric cars.

The company’s electric taxis will have tamper-proof GPS, undisclosed to the driver. Also, since the cars will always be connected to the internet via wi-fi, the embedded software will be able to alert clients about unauthorised riders or if a cab veers off course. A mobile app will allow commuters to communicate with the driver without sharing their phone number.[source]

“You will always know where the vehicle is, will always be able to look inside the vehicle; all of the things that were uncertainties will get improved,” said Ashwin Mahesh, enterpreneur, founded the Lithium along with a few former tech executives. He also added that nearly 10 tech companies in Bengaluru have already signed up for the Lithuim service.
Lithuim has also tie-ups with several car making companies to set in their software and hardware in their cars, it will also have charging stations inside the tech companies.
Surely, a competition for Moveinsync.

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