Electronic Signature startup, EasySignMobile rebrands to SignEasy, is part of Box.net OneCloud program

Since the last time we featured EasySignMobile on Pluggd.in they have come a long way, and their new and improved branding in the form of “SignEasy” is a part of their attempt in becoming a global brand.

Brainchild of Sunil Patro, SignEasy is an app that seeks to do away with all the hassles associated with signing of the documents. Even in today’s digital age, the most common approach for signature tends to involve printing, faxing and shipping of documents. Not only is it inefficient in terms of money, it is also time consuming. SignEasy puts an end to all this.signeasy

The way the app functions is by letting users pull their documents from mail, cloud storage or any other services compatible with the app for digital signing, by using either a finger or a stylus for scribbling their names. The app also allows the ability to change the color of the ink, adding a time stamp to the document and a passcode to the service to prevent misuse. The final document is saved as a PDF, ready to be shared or stored in the cloud.

The SignEasy app is currently available for iOS and Android devices and in the long term company would be looking at adding new mobile platforms and creating a desktop version for the service. In terms of sheer numbers, SignEasy is doing really well to say the least. They have reached the milestone of 1 million signature events and they are expecting to reach 500,000 downloads for their app very shortly.

The service follows a freemium model, under which the app is free to download along with the free signing of the first 3 documents. After that the user can make use of the in-app purchases, and buy credits for 5 documents at $1.99 or they can upgrade to the unlimited package for $9.99. The pricing remains the same for both the platforms.

SignEasy is also one of the 50 companies selected to be a part of Box.net’s OneCloud program. The initiative provides a suite of productivity apps for Box users to bring enterprise level productivity to mobile devices by providing the users centralized cloud storage for all of their data. Which is then accessible via these apps (including SignEasy) for use. Currently SignEasy is also competing in Evernote’s Developer Cup, and coincidentally their Evernote integration is also in place.

The app is fairly popular in North America and in European countries like UK, Italy and Germany. The users of the service tend to be professionals from Healthcare/Insurance, Legal, Financial services and Consulting. In short any industry heavy on paper work and signature of varied authorities. The app can be used in any part of the world which has policies on digital signature in place, something which is still ambiguous in India. Even then India manages to feature in the top 10 markets for SignEasy owing to those institutions dealing with foreign clients.

SignEasy is a powerful tool for organizations doing a lot of paper work and definitely deserves a try atleast for the free service. If for nothing else, the trees will bless you.

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