Government Extends Certification Deadline for Electronics Makers

TelevisionMuch to the relief of electronics hardware manufacturers in India, the Government has extended the date to get electronic products sold in the country certified by the Bureau of Indian standards, for a period of three months.

“Units which do not comply by July 3, 2013 can seek further extension of time for three months on payment of a fee,” the Department of Information & Technology said.

The IT hardware industry had registered strong protest against the Government mandate and asked them to extend the deadline which was set to April 3 earlier.

The Manufacturer’s Associattion for Information Technology (MAIT) had said that India’s electronics market would suffer a major slump in 2013-14 and lose over Rs 1,000 cr in revenues if the deadline is not extended.

Manufacturing units which submit products to the BIS before July 3 and haven’t gotten a report will have to pay a monthly fee until they submit the BIS report. The ones that have not submitted their product to the BIS for certification before July 3, will have to pay thrice the rate until they do so.

“No extension of dates beyond October 3 is available,” said the department.

The Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order 2012 has banned sale of electronic products unless they meet standards specified by the BIS.

The products include video games, laptop, notebook, tablet and plasma/LCD/LED televisions, to microwave, printers and scanners, telephone answering machines and electronic music systems among others.

MAIT had demanded a six month extension saying that the there weren’t enough BIS labs to complete the testing process in time.

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