Now we have an Indian made In-Ear Monitor, The ELEMENTS C-12 [Review]


Now we have an Indian made In-Ear Monitor, The ELEMENTS C-12 [Review]

Finally a Wooden IEM (In-Ear Monitor), with a Made in India tag. Must be really good! Those were my first thoughts on seeing the new C-12 Elements IEMS by Signature Acoustic, a Pristine Note product, that arrived at my desk.

Pristine Note, the Navi Mumbai based company, has been in the audio business for some time and have experience with dealing in high end audiophile brands. A product not just endorsed but made by them should be good, was my second thought.

Here is a brief review of the product from the experience than ensued.

Elements C-12 Packing & Build Quality :

The monitors came in a well packaged box with the polished brass carry tin inlaid in the middle. The first thing that caught my attention was the well detailed wooden enclosure with the branding engraved on the back. It felt a bit lighter compared to the other models of IEMs in the market.

The other interesting fact about the monitors were the cable. They look well built and sturdy, and have a premium finish. The company says that the wire is made up of 10 strands of wide copper wire and this will ensure better bass and reduce microphonics.

The IEMs came with ear-tips in varying sizes, a pair of filter to clear the treble and a wire clip to keep the wire in place. The ear-tips though didn’t look like of great quality, had very hard feel, and looked cheaper than the Samsung S3 OEM tips I got with my phone.

Even though the polished brass tin is a looker, its heavy and certainly not for your travel pack.

The company also offers a 12 month warranty on the product.

How the C-12 Elements sounds :

The monitor played the mids well and gave an overall warm sound. The bass was tight and did not sound jarring like some of the cheaper OEM earphones. The point where it lacked was in treble. Even with EQ tweaking and tuning with the 180 and 250 micron filters that it came with, the treble was not up to the mark.

The monitors sound a bit suppressed initially, but eventually tends to feel more open over time. The sound was overall well suited for the Hip-Hop, R&B and dance music genres, with their heavy use of lows, and not really for the classical or instrumental genres, which give importance to the treble as well.

Microphonics has always a big concern for earphone manufacturers and this new cable design seems to have solved the problem to some extend. The microphonics was considerably reduced compared to the other IEMs in the market.

The ear-tips that came along with the IEM did not provide much noise suppression and could do with a some quality improvements as far as the feel is concerned. On prolonged use, they did not feel as bad as they looked and were quite comfortable to use.


At Rs 2700 the IEM feels a bit pricey for the sound, but the build quality and overall feel makes up for it. The ‘Made in India’ tag did add a good feel to the product and I’m sure it will be a good buy for the listeners of the bass heavy music out there.

C-12 Elements Specs 

Driver 8mm (CCAW)
Impedance 18 Ohms @ 1Khz
Frequency 17 – 20 Khz
Sensitivity 102 dB
Channel Balance < 2.5% dB @ 1Khz
Cable 1.2M (Split Length 28cms)
Pin 3.5mm Gold Plated

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