Can you buy a super-car if you are super-crypto-rich?

Ask Elizabeth White.
From a Porsche, a McLaren, a Super Bowl suite, to a luxury yacht and that big rock of an engagement ring; White is turning virtual into real, and at the snap of a finger.
She jumped into this space to solve an irony that many crypto-currency Richie Rich-s faced – how to transform digital-wealth into a real-world luxury thing!

The deterrents were too many and too complex – volatility, transactional fees, low daily-exchange limits on trading platforms and the wherewithal to convert holdings at any moment. But White came up with ways to take large amounts of money, purchase the items a client desired and then re-ingest the crypto-currencies back into a fund. She also tapped messaging apps for initial exchanges. Results – a $4 million car settlement that took hardly 30 minutes!
The world will need more ecosystem answers to solve the conversion dilemma that crypto-currencies face today – but in a way that’s safe, risk-proof and well, white.


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