The Problem With Ello And A Case Of Bad Product Positioning

Finally,I joined Ello, the new new social network that has positioned itself as an anti-Facebook platform.
Take a look at the welcome email I received from Ello. This is not just bad, but an example of an extremely bad product positioning and of a confused product.

“Thank you for joining Ello Beta. Updates and new features are released daily.
Please help us create a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network.
Log in and have fun using Ello!”

None of the above excites me to join a new new social network.
You don’t wake up and say ‘hey! I will only login to a social network which rolls out new features daily; and is ad-free’.
People use web sites / services as utilities.

That is , ‘TO <DO x>”.  

WhatsApp, which is was the actual Facebook competition and privacy friendly network never started off with a negative connotation.
For the privacy freaks, surely Ello is a great option – there aren’t friends to talk to. It’s as private as what you’d like it to (pun intended).
Are you on Ello? Do you find it useful?


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