Elon Musk – doing it right before our Eyes [Inspiration]

Who is Elon Musk?

Have you heard of Elon Musk?

PayPal, is what he co-founded in 1999 and sold it for a little over USD 1.5 billion to eBay. He also founded Zip2.com, Tesla Motors and is currently working on SpaceX – a privately owned Space Research Agency that develops and manufactures partially re-usable space vehicles: the Falcons. His goal is to execute space missions in one-tenth the cost as compared to the current “bureaucratic” industry standards.

He featured in Iron Man II in his SpaceX factory as a shooting location for the movie too. Now does this man sound interesting?

Well, we found his entrepreneurial journey quite interesting (motivating actually) and his background worth this special coverage on Pluggd.in particularly for the Indian entrepreneurs.
Focus on how this entrepreneur came into living his three dimensional dreams – internet, space and green technology. And how rewarding yet painful the journey can be for a rooted entrepreneur.


Elon Musk scratched a living for less than a dollar a day during his college years. He completed his under-grad school only with scholarships while he covered his living expenses through part-time and summer jobs. Now how many entrepreneurs among us really appreciate what ‘scratch a living in less than a dollar’ means?

During the course of his career Elon has also been plagued by adverse publicity, controversies and corporate jealousy. Most notably, he won a legal battle against a co-founder Martin Eberhard for ownership in Tesla motors that he jointly promoted with Martin. All too representative of the possible resistance and angles before setting out and doing business, right?

And for educational part, Elon Musk completed his bachelors in Physics and Economics but did no Phd, no Masters nor any other Computer Science related degree at university. Does Nasa (or ISRO) hire talent without PhD at all? In fact Elon dropped out from Stanford from a masters course in Applied Physics and Materials Science in just two days to start off Zip2.com.

All this in last 10 years. Period. So any serious takers for entrepreneurship this way? Are you really the man to be noted after 10 years? If (not) yes, opportunities are right there for you.

What’s your take?

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