The Big Question: Why is Elon Musk selling his houses in America?

Born in South Africa in 1971, Elon Musk was raised in a complex and multicultural family. As a kid, he was smart and eager to read any book that he could get his hands upon.

Slowly and steadily, Elon Musk was developing and selling patents related to his own computer coding programs even before he reached adolescence. Today, he is one of the most renowned personalities in the world owing to his success with Paypal, Tesla, and SpaceX among a vast plethora of companies that he has turned into corporate giants.

With such high popularity and the constant attention of the paparazzi, Elon Musk gets embroiled in a lot of controversy and limelight with every little step that he takes in his life. So, it wasn’t a surprise when the whole world was talking about him when Musk stated that he was going to sell almost all of his properties in a tweet on May 1.

Some started criticizing him for unnecessarily doing a PR stunt while others lauded Musk’s decision to give away his prized physical possessions.

However, the mystery remained over the reason responsible for him to take such a drastic step. Social media was abuzz with speculation, theories, and rumors until Elon Musk himself broke his silence and explained his reason on a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’

Musk revealed that he found his houses distracting from his main mission in life.

In a candid conversation with Joe Rogan, he explained how he began buying neighboring properties to prevent people from invading his privacy and how emotionally attached he was to Gene Wilder’s home, with its nooks and crannies and its peculiar interiors so much so that he even bought the house across the road when he learned that it was about to be torn down. 

Musk felt that his possessions like Gene Wilder’s house were tying him down, and only the most valued will be moving with him to the rented home. According to him, the several properties owned by him acted as an “attack vector” for his critics who ridiculed his tremendous wealth.

While Musk said that he was disappointed to part away with his possessions, he said that he will continue to retain a few of the assets that continue to be of high sentimental value to him as a few of his Teslas.

The decision comes in the wake of a lot of leftists not seeming to understand Elon’s wealth and how it comes entirely from his stake in Tesla and SpaceX. While Elon’s wealth went $100 billion in the last year, he has undoubtedly pioneered several initiatives with Tesla and SpaceX and is one of the few billionaires on this planet taking massive strides to fight against climate change.

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