How are you closing your emails? This line will get you the max response

How are you closing your emails?
Best Regards,
Thanks in advance.
Best. ?
Well, an analysis of 3,50,000 emails by Boomerang app suggests that the closing line which gets the maximum response is..

Thanks in advance .

Closing with an expression of gratitude thus correlated with a whopping 36% relative increase in average response rate compared to signing off another way.

  • Thanks in advance” had a response rate of 65.7%
  • “Thanks” : 63%
  • “Thank you” : 57.9%
  • “Cheers” :54.4%
  • “Kind regards” : 53.9%
  • “Regards” : 53.5%
  • “Best regards” : 52.9%
  • “Best” : 51.2%

Also noteworthy was that generic email sign-offs like “regards” had lower response rates. And it turned out that “best” was in fact worst among popular email closings.

Gratitude Works
After doing some sleuthing, we realized our findings actually reaffirm a 2010 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology titled “A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way.” In this Grant & Gino study, 69 college student participants got one of two emails asking for help with a cover letter. Half received an email that with a line that included “Thank you so much!” The other half got a similar email, sans an expression of gratitude. The study found that recipients were more than twice as likely to offer assistance when they received the email that included “thank you.”

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