Basics of Email Marketing : 3% is Average Open Rate, Keep it Less than 50KB

Improving click rates, optimizing message size, tracking churn metrics and figuring out open rates for e-mail marketeers.

email_marketing_thumb.jpgFor startups who can’t afford expensive marketing, email marketing plays a crucial role. But e-mail marketing needs to be done right to get noticed or even be read. Last time around, we’d written on how simple design tweaks increased our email newsletter subscriber base by 4X. Here are 4 things you must know to stay on top of email marketing.

These were some of the findings in the study “ Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study” conducted by Silverpop.

1. Improving Click Rates

Click rates are a key measure that tell your campaigns success. To have a higher clicks per clicker rate, message content needs to give consumer several options to generate multiple unique clicks or useful content to retain the subscribers attention.

2. Optimizing Message size

Email size is of little consequence on a computer connected to a home or corporate network. However, optimizing email size is important when recipients view them on smartphones connected to a cell network.

Keep most important content higher up in the email as long email messages get truncated and forces the reader to click again to read the full message.

The new thumb rule is to keep messages in the 50KB range to ensure quick loading. Keeping the email size too small will also significantly under perform against a HTML designed message many times larger.

3. Track your Churn Metrics

  • An unsubscribe request might mean that your messages are no longer relevant, or the receiver wants to change email address or preferences but see no option but leave. Too many of them in a day means you aren’t doing something right.
  • A spam complaint is a red flag and might mean that the subscriber doesn’t want your email anymore and doesn’t trust your unsubscribe process to get off the mailing list.
  • A high bounce rate indicates inaccurate data collection at opt-in as well as email address churn among subscribers.
  • An unsubscribe rate that increases over time or remain constant while spam complaints increase likely signals subscriber discontent.
  • Abuse or spam complaints are an important factor that ISPs consider before deciding whether to deliver , junk, mark them spam or block your messages completely.

4. Open rates

Only 3% of email users view an email message in more than one device. Emails that are long, include offer deadline or are otherwise relevant and have a “shelf life” are more likely to be opened a second time.

5. Industry level Email Marketing Rates

Open rates

  • Education segment had the highest unique open rates and Nonprofits the lowest.

  • Education segment had the highest gross open rates and financial services had the lowest.

  • Consumer products segment had the highest opens per opener rate and real estate and construction had the lowest.

Click-through rates

  • Education segment had the highest click-through rates, followed by health care, among all the industries.

  • Healthcare segment had the highest click-to-open rates, followed by education, among all the industries.

  • Retail segment had the highest clicks per clicker rate among the industries.

List churn metrics

  • Media & Publishing segment had the highest hard bounce rates and Education had the lowest.

  • Computer Hardware, Telecom & Electronics segment had the highest unsubscribe rate and Education had the lowest.

  • Real Estate & Construction segment had the highest spam complaint rates and Computer Software had the lowest.

You can find the full report here.

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