Twitter Takes Over Facebook in Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns – brand marketers are prefering Twitter over Facebook.

Facebook’s friendfeed acquisition is all around the web – so we won’t do a me-too post on why and what of that (read CNN’s views which resonates with ours).

Coming back to the topic, one of the main reason why Facebook is arming itself against Twitter is not just the war over ‘real time search (heck! everybody is now saying that’s the way to go), but also the fact that marketers are showing early signs of preferring Twitter over Facebook (and friendfeed is more compelling to brand advertisers (than Twitter).

For instance, as far as email marketing is concerned, Twitter links have taken over Facebook (source)– an early sign that says ‘Brand marketers are loving Twitter more than Facebook (and prefer Twitter conversations over plain and boring Facebook pages)’.

email marketing Facebook_vs_twitter
Email marketing campaigns - Twitter vs. Facebook

What’s your opinion?

Let’s wait for the day when Twitter opens it’s network to brand marketers/advertisers.

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