2 out of 3 Emails Are Now Opened On Smartphones; Desktop Users Are Engaged More [Data]


2 out of 3 Emails Are Now Opened On Smartphones; Desktop Users Are Engaged More [Data]

Email marketing is changing and is largely driven by smartphones and devices. Here are some of the interesting data points – though mostly for US consumer devices, but India data won’t be too different in the next 1 year.

  • 2 out of 3 e-mails are opened on smartphones which clearly indicate the popularity of smartphones.
  • 45% of mail opens in Q2 2014 was on smartphones while the number increased to 48% in Q3.
  • Desktop saw 34% mails being opened on it in Q3 2014
  • 14 of the 50 states in USA showed a leaning towards desktop preferences while 6 new states showed preferences towards smartphones in Q3 2014.

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  • Tablet usage has picked up by the day in Q3 2014. These gains were however at the expense of desktop computers.
Device usage by time of day
Device usage by time of day
  • iPhones and iPads saw 59% of all mail opens in Q3 2014 which is an increase of 4% over Q2 2014
  • Android stood at a steady 6% while Blackberry, Windows and Kindle Fire held 5% of all mail opens.
mail-open by device preference
mail-open by device preference
  • Desktop user stay longer on emails while tablets topped when it came to speed from mail open to click through.
  • Of the other 36 states that was not inclined towards desktop, 11 states showed high preference to mobile devices.
  • Smartphones were device of choice when it came to retail apparel, retail non-apparel, media/entertainment/publishing etc.
  • Desktops were preferred in automotive and financial segments while both desktops and smartphones were a choice for travel and hospitality.
email opens by vertical
email opens by vertical
  • Desktops topped when it came to email read length which was followed by smartphones and then came tablets.
  • Automotive related emails had the longest read length, followed by financial services, media/entertainment/publishing, travel and hospitality, retail apparel and retail non –apparel, in that order.

– Link to the report.

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