A Look At Email Marketing Trends In India [59% of Marketers Send Atleast 1 Email Per Week]

Email marketing is definitely one of the most useful marketing mechanism – especially from conversion point of view.
The below study by Octane reflects upon how Digital 1:1 marketing (Email & SMS) is growing rapidly to take a centre stage with India marketers in terms of delivering ROI.
Findings from the research:
Consumer acquisition is the primary goal of all marketers
Consumer retention increase by 80% since 2011
23% marketers said eMarketing generates 30%+ revenue
20% of smaller businesses said 50%+ sales revenue was generated with online marketing initiatives.
Over 5 years, social media marketing is the most famous form of online marketing
Email and website marking have seen incredible growth between 2011 and 2015
Webcasts and online videos have seen remarkable growth in consumer engagement
Integrated marketing will lead to significant impact on conversion rates – saw increase of 84% over 5 years.
Travel and BFSI found integrated marketing impactful.
Consumer engagement trend is quite similar over the past 4 years with email and social media being top sources
Blog as consumer engagement tools saw 100% jump in  years – same as SMS marketing
Marketers depend upon email service providers for email campaigns and saw growth of 70% over last 4 years.
500 million online population estimated in india by 2017 as peer google’s predictions
87% marketers are using technology to power up tracking and ROI.
Larger companies with 10000+ employees re more tech savvy than smaller ones.

  • Primary eMarkting mode is through websites as agreed by 72% marketers
  • Mobile friendly communications and responsive website layouts have become a necessity as India has a increasing smartphone usage trend.
  • Email marketing is preferred by 71% of marketers while social media is preferred by 69%.
  • 89% of retail and eCommerce and 83% of travel and tourism firms prefer email as primary marketing activity.
  • 83% of Larger firms with 5000+ employees prefer social media as mode of eMarketing
  • In travel and tourism sector, 25% of marketers put more than 50% of marketing budget in online marketing with BFSI sector accounting to 18% and Retail and eCommerce accounting to 15%
  • eCommerce has seen more investments in older mediums like TV, print and OOH to market themselves which affects their online marketing strategies.


  • 64% marketers agree that content marketing is the core ingredient for brand awareness and 56% says it helps in engaging audiences.
  • Tourism and travel marketers think content helps brand awareness. Travel leads content driven marketing.


  • 61% India marketers still prefer  blogs and newsletters for content marketing. BFSI leads this segment with 63%
  • 63% in education, 71% in retail and eCommerce and 55% in Travel and tourism believe that social media is effective for marketing.11
  • 24% marketers felt social media improves sales. 82% of retail and eCommerce think that social media engages users.


  • Signup forms on social media fan pages, incentivizing social sharing and refer a friend  campaigns are the most successful and preferred social media options for marketing


  • All Indian marketers have mobile marketing strategies in place since India is growing fast to be a mobile centric market.
  • 32% of large enterprises (10k+ employees) lead on the mobile app front but only 14% of all companies have a mobile app


  • 21% of companies will increase eMarketing budget by 21% or more. BSFI will increase by 30% and travel by 37%.


  • 59% of marketers send at least one email every week.
  • 29% of retail marketers and 31% in the education industry send emails daily.
  • 44% of large organizations (5k+ Crore turnover) send email campaigns at least once a week


  • Reaching out to the right target audience is the major challenge with email marketers
  • 60% in BSFI expressed concerns over inadequate segmentation while large organizations 47% expressed concerns with insufficient integration with CRM.


  • 28% marketers depend upon their own teams for inbox deliverability.
  • 28% companies depend upon ESPs.
  • 24% of BSFI and 27% of large enterprises depend upon IT teams for inbox deliverability.


  • 51% marketers send automated emails upon signup.
  • 25% don’t have a signup program.


  • SMS marketing is low due to DND facility and TRAI’s stringent regulations.
  • 49% marketers use email while much less than 30% use SMS marketing.


  • YoY trends show that maximum marketers want to increase email marketing budget by 11% to 30%


  • 51% marketers find email marketing as effective business


  • Factors affecting inbox deliverability are content, frequency of mail and sender reputation.


  • Reducing email spam over last 5 years by Indian marketers was through increase in personalization and targeting, rephrasing message titles and subject lines and identifying the best time to send mails.


  • 100% of large companies find behavioural targeting effective


  • 33% marketers say that 50%+ emails are seen on mobile devices which is a growth by 25%


  • Integrating social media in mailers help in increasing business reputation


  • Internet based preferences and demographics are famous segmentation techniques while retail and eCommerce depend upon purchase history for segmentation.


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