India 7th Spammiest Country, Russia Tops the Chart

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Image by silkegb via Flickr

Few months back, India was the least spammy among BRIC countries and as per a new report, India has beaten China and has moved up the ladder!

List of Spammy Countries

list of spammy countries and their contribution to the worldwide spam:

  1. Russian Federation 11.92%
  2. United States 9.36%
  3. Brazil 7.48%
  4. Turkey 5.43%
  5. Columbia  5.34%
  6. Argentina  4.96%
  7. India 4.26%
  8. China 3.39%
  9. Spain 2.69%
  10. Republic of Korea 2.57% – as per Trend Micro

Interestingly, 76% emails originating from India is a spam!

I, somehow don’t have 100% faith in these numbers as they are reflective of each report’s sample size (till august, India was below China (6th place) and now the equation is reversed – how does one explains that?)

What’s your take?

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