Stuck in a situation? Use Rescuer, a voice-enabled hands-free safety alert app

Ever felt unsafe on your way from work? Need to let a friend or family member know you’re feeling unsafe without anyone around you noticing?
Ever tried calling for help without having to reach for your phone?
Rescuer is hands-free safety alert app that allows smartphone users to text the location, pictures, and audio of the scene to emergency contacts with a personalized voice keyphrase.

App features include:
1. Voice recognition: Say your customized key phrase, and Rescuer will hear it, even your phone is locked away in another room. Rescuer then immediately sends out emergency messages with your GPS coordinates and pictures of the crime scene to your pre-set emergency contacts.
2. Volume button toggle: Silently call for help by pressing your phone’s volume buttons to send emergency messages to your contacts. Rescuer will send them your coordinates and photos of the emergency without you having to utter a word.
3. Remote Location Tracking: Allow your worried loved ones to send a quick text to Rescuer to find out your location and safety status — no more forgetting to let your friends know you got home safe. Rescuer does the job for you!

San Ramon

(The app offers in-app purchase. You can use the code NEXTBIGWHAT for free access)

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