Emotion-focused journalingWhat is it?In

Emotion-focused journaling

What is it?

In this form of journaling, simply write about and articulate whatever is going on in your life emotionally, big or small. The key is to write continuously without any censoring or editing.

Why is it important?

Emotional reasoning occurs when we react or make decisions based on how we feel at a given moment rather than acting intentionally. 

A good way to be less emotionally reactive is to make time to validate and clarify what we’re regularly feeling . As a result, we become less impulsive and more mindful of our emotions.

Why is it hard?

Journaling seems a little hokey and woo-woo for many of us. One should approach it in a pragmatic and experimentalist fashion: Commit to spending 5 minutes a day journaling for a week. 

That’s it.

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