Startup GrownOut Automates Referral Hiring With its SaaS Platform

For those who find the process of employee referrals daunting and unproductive, New Delhi based startup, GrownOut has developed a way to automate it.

Employee referrals are important to a hiring process. 65% of hires happen via the employee referral network, says a LinkedIn survey. For those who find the process of employee referrals daunting and unproductive, GrownOut has developed a way to automate it.

GrownOut is a SaaS based referral hiring tool for companies that gives companies access to its employees networks. The patent-pending platform was developed by colleagues Sumit Gupta and Harsimran Walia’s New Delhi based startup.

“We both wanted to do something which would just change the way things were supposed to be. Hiring was one problem which we both have dealt with many a times. The complexities and challenges involved, to make a perfect hire, just take away all the excitement,” says Sumit Gupta, co-founder, GrownOut.

How Does GrownOut Work?

Once GrownOut’s cloud based software is installed in companies, it automatically leverages your employee network to give you the best candidates suited to a job.

  • Employees can connect their networks to the system, which then customises networks for companies

  • Create networks that are not closed, and can be extended to friends and colleagues apart from employees

  • GrownOut possesses a “smart search” tool that lets companies use filters during the short-listing and hiring process. Filters include that of demography, skill level, location, industry etc

  • Automated referral hiring where recruiters first pick the person they would like to hire, and let GrownOut find the common connection via whom the candidate can be connected with

  • Apart from this, even the applicant tracking system can be customised. This provides recruiters a view of how the employees assigned to recruit are dealing with each candidate. It  lets them post jobs, generate resume requests and tracking application status.

  • Finally, GrownOut also provides recruiters with analytics like the strength of a particular network, and average hire time.

GrownOut currently has on board 12 B2B users and have been funded twice by existing investors.

Monetisation Model


GrownOut gives its clients a free pilot run with the system for three months.

“Companies are then charged on the basis of per employee per month,” says Sumit.

GrownOut plans on increasing its Indian user base for the next 8-10 months before acquiring customers overseas.

The GrownOut team is currently 7 member strong.

GrownOut’s competitors include Entelo, Whistletalk and MyParichay among others.



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