Employer vs Employee: Difference In Perception Of Employer Branding [Report]

There’s a massive war being waged by companies for attracting great talent in India. Brands are increasingly willing to spend big bucks on employer branding, but how effective is it?


According to a TimesJobs survey, 74% of employers think their branding strategy has been successful, however, 67% of employees think otherwise.

Out of the 560 organisations that were part of the survey, 74% said they were happy with their branding strategies while 64% claim to have a clear and well-designed employer-branding strategy in place.

Out of the 800 employees surveyed, 67% of them said their employer did not have a winning employer-branding strategy, 23 per cent rated the strategies as convincing while 10 per cent label their company’s strategy as poor

It’s clear that an organisation’s understanding of a great employer-branding strategy is far different from what their employees think, and this reflects in the fact that only 42% of the respondents said they would recommend their company to a friend.

Experienced vs Freshers

The survey shows that current branding strategies appeal to experienced professionals but not to young entry and mid-level candidates who are connected 24×7.

Large Organisations vs Startups

When it comes to startups and SMEs, 55% of the respondents thought their branding strategies were successful, while only 36% employees of such firms thought so too.

45% of larger organisations believed that their employer branding strategy was spot on, and a massive 64% employees thought so too.

Social Media

68% of organisations use social media to connect with employees, but 56% employees think this is effective.

On the other hand, 32% employers focus on career portals and rating websites which 44% of employees find effective.


70% of the organisations feel that budget isn’t a constraint in their employer-branding initiative, however, 62% of all employees think organisations face budget constraints when it comes to put in place successful brand strategy.

Having powerful branding will allow organisations to attract the right talent. However, there’s a huge gap in the perception of organisations and employees when it comes to what a great employer-branding strategy is.

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