Highest Number of Consumers on E-bay Are From Kerala, Karnataka & AP: Report

eBay has just released a report on the trade which happens on their platform. According to the report, small business sellers from India trade with customers from over 200 countries. Out of these PayPal Indian sellers receive payments from around 180 countries.


Exporters on eBay

Over 98% of sellers on eBay’s platform export goods. Overall, the US is India’s main trading partner on eBay and PayPal. Jewellery and watches are the highest exported categories.

Australia and Russia receive the most exports from India on eBay. 32% of these are sales from who exporters are newcomers to the platform. Meanwhile, only 5% of sellers are newcomers in traditional sales channels.

Inter-State Trade Via eBay

Within India, domestic sellers reach out to 19 States in the country, with Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh accounting for the highest number of net consumers. The largest net exporters were from Maharashtra and Delhi.

Largest inter-state trade flow in India from eBay

  • Maharashtra to Karnataka

  • Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu

  • Delhi to Karnataka

  • Delhi to Maharashtra

  • Delhi to Tamil Nadu

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