This Engineering Student Plans to Save You 40% Fuel

Nikhil Khurana, Folks Motor Corporation
Nikhil Khurana, Folks Motor Corporation

When an engineering student talks to you about wanting to transform the auto industry, chances are that most people will shrug it off. But lend an ear, and you’d be surprised.

Delhi based Nikhil Khurana and his Folks Motor Company are attempting to do what auto giants have been trying very hard– save fuel for the automobile owner by going hybrid.

Khurana, 21, has an ace up his sleeve. He has devised a way to tweak the transmission box of an automobile to regenerate power and save fuel. He has also won a patent for the idea.

The transmission system comprises of a twin alternator assembly within the gearbox for continuous generation of alternating current when the vehicle is moving or is in motion. It also taps into the energy that is created while breaking or using the clutch.

The current is then used to charge a battery bank and used by electric motors configured on
the axles or anywhere else in a hybrid powertrain configured in automobiles. The startup is promising 40% fuel savings.

Currently, Khurana is working on a prototype on a Maruti 800 and developing a hybrid conversion kit. By 2016, he wants to be able to sell his own Hybrid SUV.

Full points for ambition! But I wouldn’t dismiss it at that.

Remember Reva? It was a college project too, until Chetan Maini built a company around it. In 2010, when auto giant Mahindra acquired Reva, thousands of electric cars made by Maini’s company were already on the road.


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