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Point10 Solutions – All things Engineering Students

It’s always good to see interesting ideas that can help engg. students find their potential and potentially change the way these students take their courses.

Points10 is Ahmedabad based startup that is working on four projects (all related to engg. students):


Platform where students can easily find the books that they require and also sell their old books to other students. The startup plans to connect all engineering colleges in Gujarat.


The idea behind this initiative is to invite students to do interesting projects with the startup – be it preparing market research or software applications.


This will be education news portal dedicated to students in Gujarat and will profile students who are doing some innovative work. Students would be appointed Citizen Journalists for this website and they will update on the day-to-day stories from their respective colleges/university.


This portal would provide the platform for the students who would like to take up innovative projects/part time work during their studies. This will help students to earn something during their studies to meet their educational expenses.

Four startup ideas from a startup! While I would love to see an initiative like this see major success, my real doubt lies in a startup trying to do too many things.

Instead, they should take 1 project – work on it for 6 months, figure out ways to create self-sustenance and in the process, build the network of colleges which can be the hub to distribute other products.

What’s your take?

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