EnNatura – Green Ink from Vegetable Oils takes on Offset Printing Inks

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EnNatura – Green Ink from Vegetable Oils takes on Offset Printing Inks


EnNatura is four year old out-of-research startup (from IIT D) which stands for  “Energizing Future, Preserving Nature”, and aspires to develop products and technologies in the energy domain with a keen focus on environment.

EnNatura has developed green ink using vegetable oils & organics which proposes to replace the standard industry stock – Offset Printing Inks – which are based on petrochemical products/crude oils & volatile liquids (VOCs). Industrial printing such as on poly-bags cartons etc. requires an ink & solvent combination enabling mass production in a rather standardized process across the world.

But as Sidhartha – CEO of EnNatura – puts it, the worldwide printing industry consumes over a million tonne of petroleum products and emits 500,000 tonne of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are detrimental to the health of around 2 million workers. Their solution brings about a 100% VOC free printing solution with a safer work room environment, durable printing without any loss on quality, turnaround time and costs. Ennatura’s Resin also finds application in paints & coatings.

As the word goes by, the startup has been funded & committed with approximately (speculated) two million dollars by an overseas private investor recently Navam Capital (and two private investors also participated in this round), though both investors and EnNature declined to comment on the exact amount raised.

And it goes without saying, the project has great value for the worldwide market and on-shore investors can also look at such core technology projects.

Pi readers – do give EnNatura its ups, and 2 cents of course!

Updated (Jan 12, 2010): Navam Capital has invested in EnNatura along with two private investors.

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