To Ensure Women Safety, Mobiles Will Come With Panic Button From 2017

In a strive to ensure women safety, Government has now asked all mobile manufacturers to launch mobile handsets with a panic button, starting from 2017.

So, now women can easily summon for help by pressing the panic button. With a long press a set of buttons, users can send out an alert to the user’s family or friends along with their current location.

The project will be funded through the Nirbhaya fund which was set up by the UPA government.

The officials are also working for a software which can be downloaded and will function similarly and also open a service centre for users with ordinary handsets who can go to a service centre and get the application for free.


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  1. what about the safety of common man ? only women are citizens of this country? why this discrimination based on gender? Provide safety and security to everyone irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion.

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