Pebble Talk – Twitter like Microblogging, Collaboration comes to Enterprise

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Pebble Talk – Twitter like Microblogging, Collaboration comes to Enterprise

Enterprise collaboration market is one big beast –  more applications you have, more you need a collaboration tool to integrate them within your project/company.

If they (i.e. collaboration tools) come free, you exploit them and that results in another clutter (e.g. wikis). And you need another one to clean the clutter!

While this space has seen enough companies selling ‘we will reduce your clutter’, there is a scope for a lot more players to come up with innovative solutions.

Pebble Talk, a startup from Wipro employees is a communication and connectivity suite of product that enhances communication, improves productivity and enables social interaction among colleagues.

PebbleTalk helps enterprises by:

  • Keeping their employees stay connected: PebbleTalk brings twitter style microblogging to enterprises. Teams can form groups on PebbleTalk and use web interface, mobile or outlook to stay connected by posting tweets within their enterprise.
  • PebbleTalk has a outlook addin, which allows team members to view email topic and responses in a discussion thread view, tag emails, share emails instead of forwarding them. Provides a easy to use search interface.
  • PebbleTalk also provides a company directory and noticeboard.

The product has twitter like interface which is integrated with backend systems (like SAP etc) and also with Outlook (as an add-on).

The product is available as SaaS as well as on-premise model.

While this might sound like India’s Yammer, enterprise collaboration space is nicely fragmented and has enough room to accommodate a lot of players (it’s about sales, one’s insight about enterprise pain-points and has nothing to do with technology).

Moreover, an application like this is a behavior change, so value delivered has to be fairly strong.

To me,enterprise collaboration is a lot about management discipline and less about tools – would be interesting to see how PebbleTalk fares in the market.

What’s your take?

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