Pramati Founder Launches Qontext, Twitter++ for Enterprises

We have covered a few Twitter like, i.e. micro-blogging services for enterprise industry (Platform46, PebbleTalk) and the latest to join this new approach to enterprise data is Qontext, a company started by Pramati founder, Jay Pullur (also runs Tell-a-Friend/SocialTwist service).

Qontext offers simple and powerful toolset for communicating, sharing, and collaborating from inside common business applications.

Qontext creates contextual conversations with colleagues, partners, and even invited guests from other organizations. These conversations can be effortlessly recalled at all contextually relevant places at any time.

Enterprise Microblogging - Qontext Service
Enterprise Microblogging - Qontext Service

Available as SAAS, the product is free for companies with less than 25 employees and for the rest, charges only $2per user per month.

While there are enough Facebooks for enterprises, the reality is that companies want services that help them cut cost/increase productivity. Microblogging tools need to focus more on integrations with existing solutions – like ERP/SCM/SRM/CRM etc and this is where Qontext seems to be headed.

There are a few interesting features that Qontext has developed

  • IDSync – Most of the enterprise businesses will store employee info either in an excel sheet or a DB. This feature enables them to sync Qontext data with your existing LDAP/DB/Excel sheet.
  • Desktop Client : Called Qontext Pulse, the desktop client is built on Adobe AIR platform and like any other twitter desktop client, fetches all the info/enables one to update status on a real time basis.

The service is playing the software game, and not a microblogging one – an important perspective a lot of other companies miss out on [they always tend to think that microblogging will replace email, while in reality it is a new communication medium].

For instance, Qontext is neatly integrated with and enables collaboration among sales team by using contextually relevant information.

Do give Qontext a spin and share your comment.

Aside, I have always expected Zoho to launch something similar in enterprise space. Not sure why they haven’t yet.

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