Enterprise News Digest – Server Market Revenues Decline & more

Enterprise News Digest from across the web. Server market revenues decline, IBM boost investments in cloud, Box boosts security and more.

1. Server market revenue declines for fourth straight quarter

Even as server shipments went up, revenue in the market declined in last year’s fourth quarter, as demand for higher-end systems remained weak, according to research firm IDC.

During the period, server revenue decreased by 4.4 percent to $14.2 billion. This marked the fourth consecutive quarter the server market has shown a year-over-year decline.

2. Mirantis, IBM give businesses 75,000 reasons to adopt OpenStack

When Mirantis wanted to see how well OpenStack scaled when dealing with tens of thousands of VMs, it teamed up with IBM’s SoftLayer to create some benchmarks. The results: Some 75,000 small VMs were deployed over approximately 8 hours, with VMs taking around 200 seconds on average to boot.

3. Agile Comes to Data Integration

Informatica is aiming to ease the pain of data integration with a new platform designed to allow businesses to rapidly prototype and validate before sending projects to development.
4. Box Looks to Boost Security by Hiring Ex-Symantec CEO

Online file sharing and cloud content management service Box has hired former Symantec CEO Enrique Salem to serve a special advisor to the firm.

Nine-year-old Box hopes that the hire, announced by CEO Aaron Levie in a blog post, will enable it to strengthen its position in the market when talking to major corporate customers.

5. IBM Boosts Investment in Cloud Services to Attract Customers

IBM is making it easier for developers to build and adjust applications in the cloud, where information is delivered online instead of stored on local servers, said Danny Sabbah, chief technology officer of IBM’s Next Generation Platform.




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