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Discoverability of any web product is very crucial to its success and what better way to get discovered than through a simple Search. There are already 100s of free and paid tools that help you optimize your web presence and improve your Search engine ranking. Bangalore based Quicko Labs is one startup that believes there is lot of money to be made in this game.

Quicko’s SearchEnabler is an all-in-one Search Engine Optimization platform. The tool offers on-page analysis, keyword/competitor analysis, Google Analytics integration, creating and tracking SEO campaigns, detecting bad links etc. 

SearchEnabler is looking to launch a pro version at $15 a month. The team claims to help you save few hours everyday from your traditional SEO work at this affordable cost. Along with startups and SMEs, the major target audience for this product is agencies, who need to handle multiple campaigns for multiple clients, where ease of managing campaign can bring in speed and savings. The startup is pitching itself as an affordable enterprise level tool.

Quick Steps before you start using SearchEnabler
1. SearchEnabler is divided into 3 major steps ‘Plan, Optimize & Track’.
2. Plan phase requires inputs of your website profile, competitors and keywords.
3. Crawls are scheduled on daily basis, request to wait for few hours after completing plan phase to get complete data.
4. Optimize step would provide necessary information for identifying site and page level issues and recommendations
5. Track can be used to check progress and update plan/optimization strategies.

Q. How is this tool better than the tools that Google provides. Is it like Google’s Analytics + Webmaster + Website Optimizer all built as features of one product?

1. Yes to some extent we tried to bring in minimum required set of features similar to existing products mentioned by you for setting, optimizing and tracking website optimization campaigns. We did try to enhance/ create loop among the features for e.g. Keyword research data is not only pulled from adwords but also from GA with bounce rate and other KPI.
2. Link data with different dimensions like domains, anchors, follow/no-follow for link analysis and trend. This data is not available is any free tool across various dimensions.
3. On-Page analysis for all important tags impacting ranking like URL, Title, H1.
4. Competitor comparison data for websites, on-page, link, domain/geo.
5. Site level issues like duplicate data in titles, meta desc, content, broken links, malware, performance, w3c errors, index, depth and so on (very few are available in webmaster)
6. Rank tracking
7. Weekly reports & we are introducing alerts for key issues shortly

Most of the above activity still can be done without help of any tool, its been done by 1000s of freelancers and service companies across India.  To get good SEO results regular optimization and tracking of most data points is required, using multiple tools, pulling data from several sources is pretty time consuming and moreover difficult to analyze across varied data sources. Where as some of the data like On-page, competitive analysis, multi-dimensional link analysis, rank tracking are hardly available in any free tool.

There are quite many competitors for SearchEnabler and most are already popular. In such a market, it would be more about packaging the product and increasing its own discoverability in terms of the niche features that sets it apart.

What do you think of SearchEnabler? Would you move to a paid tool for saving few hours everyday?

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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