Valentine’s Day Is Hard On Every Entrepreneur – But Here, Have A Laugh


Valentine’s Day Is Hard On Every Entrepreneur – But Here, Have A Laugh

Valentine’s Day is tough on people, and especially on entrepreneurs. Tight on time, tight on money and tight on love is the mantra most entrepreneurs live by, yet their unphased spirits to create some of the coolest shit around is worthy of applause.what nextbigwhat love
So here’s our take on the struggles of every entrepreneur during this season of love. (P.S. we’re laughing with you, not at you :P)
Collecting Freecharge coupons because you’re too broke to go on a date
giphy (11)
When the gift you were looking at on Flipkart costs more now instead of less – Amazon to the rescue?

Single entrepreneurs on Tinder – fighting it hard! Some are even planning to run script.

Entrepreneurs who recently raised funding – have money, but no time to date!
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Waiting for your crush to propose on Snapchat – guys, it ain’t happening unless you do something about it
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When your ex’s Facebook status goes from ‘Single’ to ‘In a relationship’ – have faith in Tinder
giphy (3)

When your ex’s new bf/gf applies for a job in your company
giphy (12)

When you realize every other entrepreneur has the same issues as you
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What every entrepreneur actually ends up doing on Valentine’s Day – LAN parties are cool too

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