The Entrepreneur who wore knickers: A very short story

A bright young man of 25 years of age left his job to start his own company. His friends used to perceive him as an ambitious and a down-to-earth guy. However, mere two months in the entrepreneurial world had stolen some of his charms. He had become more ambitious but at the same time, his humility became a thing of his past. He carried so much pride about leaving his job and setting on a path less travelled that he looked at all those people who were employees of some company with contempt. He often passed brutal remarks such as ‘you are spending your prime years working for someone else’s dreams’, ‘you guys lack balls’, ‘you still need to wear a suit to office, ha! I go in my knickers‘ and so on. He irritated his job-oriented friends to such an extent that they had stopped hanging out with him. They used to ridicule him amongst themselves by saying, ‘ah! here comes The Entrepreneur, get ready to get a blow (on your) job.’

The Entrepreneur was a talented fellow. He started out on his own and single-handedly steered his company for four months, gaining significant business. He had reached such a level that it became impossible for him to scale the business further without hiring more people. He started hiring and built his workforce from just two people earlier to fifteen. Now, he had another thing to boast of: that he was running an organization. His business expanded and so did his pride. His friends actually started feeling envious of his success, they realized that his mockery about their jobs was right – they actually lacked balls to take control of their destinies.

Two months down the line, the business had outgrown everybody’s expectations, all thanks to the three really bright guys he had hired. It was time to scale further and take investment to expand the team size from fifteen to fifty. The Entrepreneur didn’t need to brag about his achievements now, as numerous newspapers and magazines did it for him. The hiring strategy was strategically chalked out and while The Entrepreneur was busy giving his first TV interview, there was something else cooking up in his office. He called all his friends and asked them to tune in to the news channel at 9 o’ clock, which they did, some out of envy, some out of pride.

Everyone he knew watched his interview, where he looked supremely confident while talking about the future of his company. But there was one person who could not watch the interview, despite it being relayed in front of him. It was The Entrepreneur himself. His eyes were stuck to his laptop and for the first time in his entrepreneurial life, was he sweating in nervousness.
It was the mail from his three most indispensable employees. It was the first time when the news about someone who had suddenly got balls – to leave one’s job, to go to an office in their knickers and work on their own dreams – frustrated him. The Entrepreneur crumbled onto the ground and thereafter his company.

Two years after his first TV interview, he was once again seen on the television, this time proudly talking about how the Investment Bank where he was now employed as Vice-President was working towards the development of rural economy.

He looked good in his deep blue pinstriped suit.

[About the author: Harsh Snehanshu is the author of three books and a former internet entrepreneur. His fourth book Because Shit Happened: What NOT to do at a start-up is scheduled to come in February, 2013.]

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