Entrepreneurs who shaped India

We are starting a series of posts to talk about entrepreneurs who shaped India and made our lives enriching and comfortable.

Lets go beyond the digital media startups, and talk about startups whose innovation/product/service touch our daily lives (right from the morning toothpaste we use to the vehicle we drive…and more)

What’s the plan?
Well, we will talk about entrepreneurs who inspire us, we will discuss the challenges they have faced and most importantly, their vision of taking India to the next level!

And apart from talking about big guys, lets go the “bottom of pyramid” way and talk about entrepreneurs who often go unnoticed – be it the pan waala, the nearby restaurant owner or an auto mechanic.

I invite you to share inspirational entrepreneurial stories that you are aware of. So just look around yourself, talk to entrepreneurs and share their story with us (you could do a podcast with them, or a post on them).

If you are game for this, please email me (ashish@NextBigWhat.com) your story and I will post the same (with proper credits/links back to you) or I will create an account for you.

Have questions? Please leave them in the comments section.

Lets get cracking! For discussions related to Indian entrepreneurs, please come over to the coffee table.
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