Welcome to PI 2.0. Birth of ‘The’ Platform for Entrepreneurs

I earlier hinted about the big big change coming to Pluggd.in and now is the time to unveil the same.

First things first – in the last two weeks, we played with the design, did quite a bit of A/B testing to understand what our readers want and you can see the outcome  – brand new logo, the sexy Red & Black look ..but hey, the big changes are about something else. PI_Redesign

The Big changes are about establishing a n:n communication channel.

Earlier, it was all about us (i.e PI team) writing a blog post and you guys commenting on it. But there has to be something bigger and much more tangible for you to achieve from PI network.

As an entrepreneur, you need a platform to reach out to people who can help you in beta test your product. You need quite a bit of help when it comes to spreading the word across about your product releases, new services launch etc.

So far, you were dependent on bloggers/media for the coverage – now the power lies with you. Using the platform, you will be able to share your product updates, tell us about your new offering, connect to other entrepreneurs etc.

In essence, we have opened up Pluggd.in to everybody else.

And while we are onto the big entrepreneurial platform game, here are a few groups we have created for you:

  • Share your Startup Updates – Think of this as a free press release site for your startup [Use diligently, avoid spam].
  • Ask for Feedback on your product. PI_Login
  • Look for Beta Testers
  • Share Inspirational Resources
  • Carry on discussions Related to Technology
  • Carry on Mobile discussions
  • [We will be adding relevant groups as we go along].

As far as registration goes, you can register at Pluggd.in via the normal (i.e. boring)  process (i.e. fill up the registration form) or login via your existing ID.

We have integrated the login process with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and LinkedIn Ids – use any of them at your convenience.

A Bit of Networking, Perhaps ?

Creating a social network is the last thing I wanna do with PI readers. We are a much more vibrant community and would like us to rock as always.

Having said that, now you can follow others, send them private messages (inspired by Twitter? eh!)– in essence, interact with other entrepreneurs in a more focused network than anywhere else.

Alok_ProfileThe idea is for you to extract the maximum from PI network and while we continue to improve on user experience, the participation rests with you.

With the launch, we have killed the biggest bottleneck in the entire system, i.e. the blog format so that you aren’t dependent on us to get the word out (the PI team continues to blog, though Open-mouthed smile)

You have an open channel for your startup now and the opportunity to use that lies with you.

What next? If you are a startup looking for angel investment, spruce up your business plan. We are launching something very interesting by next week.

More power to you and the PI platform.

As always, “We Heart Startups”.

– The Pluggd.in Team

Special Thanks to Our Design Partner

We would like to thank our design partner, Netbramha Studios for the amazing job. Aashish & his team have been super responsive and all the design element you see on the site comes from them! Cheers to the team. I strongly recommend them, especially if you are a company looking to sexify your site.


Some of the data that was added (by readers) during the testing phase aren’t visible on the site. We have removed live actvity feeds on groups, as it was causing confusion.

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