The Thought Process Behind ‘Entry is Free, Exit is NOT’ Policy at bigMobilityConf

At the upcoming bigMobilityConf, we are trying out a unique ticketing mechanism : Entry is Free. Exit is NOT.bigmconf300x250

A lot of people have asked us this question. After all, why can’t we simply charge a standard amount, like any other conference?

Well, bigMobilityConf is our effort to bring the community and actionable content around mobile platforms and markets to you.

If you look at a typical mobility/app related event in India, most of them tend to focus on the developer side of things. And it works quite well.

HARD FACT : Few years into app economy and as a country, we have very little (mobile/app) success stories to tell (discounting the VAS ones).
Yes, Indians are consuming apps, but we are still not producing enough great apps. Importantly, apps that have a serious business angle to it are very few (read : There is No VC Money for Just Another App, The Underlying Service Is Important).

One of the things with app developers is that they tend to believe that app launch = success. The story pretty much ends with the app launch (read: The The Lesser Ambitious Breed Called “Indian App Developers”). But in reality, that’s just the beginning! In fact, like any product startup, the actual journey begins when you have shipped.

bigMobilityConf is an attempt to be super useful when you have shipped the product/app. That is, marry tech with the business counterpart – i.e. let’s talk about business trends (and not tech trends), let’s talk about 3D of the app business (3D = Design, Distribution and Discovery). Let’s talk about the appy behaviour of Indians and how does that impact the app consumption space in the country.

And for this to happen, we need a GREAT mix of people – not just app developers, but also designers, early adopters, investors and everybody in-between. And we strongly believe that ticket pricing should never deter the meeting of interesting minds.

Hence :

Entry is Free. Exit is NOT.

As the event ends, you can put inside the sealed envelope (which you will get during registration) whatever you think this event was worth (yes! NextBigWhat events are known for great content). We’ll accept that with thanks, and as feedback (more FAQs here).

The bigMobility Goal : Let’s enable great mobile (app) businesses from the country. And the conference is the beginning, first step towards that. The app (development) space is still nascent and needs to really move fast beyond ‘development’. Let’s get uncomfortable and talk business 🙂

So come over if you have a deep interest in app business (register using the form below). We want you to meet a whole lot of other mobile startups, app developers, designers and investors (checkout the conference site :

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