“Entry is Free, Exit is NOT” – Data from bigMobilityConf Pricing Experiment

At the recently held bigMobilityConf, we announced an interesting ticket pricing mechanism : Entry is Free, Exit is NOT.

The community asked us to share the results of the experiment, so here it is.

bigMobilityConf: Entry is Free, Exit is NOT (Collection)
bigMobilityConf: Entry is Free, Exit is NOT (Collection)

– Payment ranged from Rs. 50 to Rs. 1000.

– 46% paid Rs. 500. 15% of attendees paid Rs. 1000.

Now, if you ask us the (fixed) ticket pricing we would have kept otherwise? Well, Rs. 500 is the answer.

Some more data/insights and What did we learn?

– Close to 10 attendees forgot to drop the pricing envelope and asked us if they can do online transfer. We appreciate that they were willing to pay, but we politely declined that offer (though we have traded that for beer!).

– Some of you who paid 200/300 mentioned (in the envelope), the session details you liked the most. That is, one or two sessions were of utmost importance to you.

– And importantly, Entrepreneurs/Startups paid more than the attendees from corporate world!! That’s a good surprise!

Will we continue with the same pricing model again? Well, yes – but with more twists and turns!!

Quickly, bigMobilityConf in pictures (videos will be shared starting next week):

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