It is time for organisations to have quarterly ‘EQ Quotas’ and ‘EQ KPIs’ : This will only make them AI proof.


It is time for organisations to have quarterly ‘EQ Quotas’ and ‘EQ KPIs’ : This will only make them AI proof.

Our lives are now ruled by screens, which are ruled by algorithms.

There is no escape, anywhere.

If we say, surrounded by machines, it is a high probability that we would soon get insensitive like them and will forego all our natural qualities which make us human and thus humane.

Compassion and empathy for fellow beings, human and otherwise are the qualities which has sustained the human race so far.

Submitting ourselves to machines and trying to be logical all the time in binary way, we could be the biggest fallout when the AI looms large over our head. Machines could think like humans,and humans would think like machines by then. Who would be the winner, it is very easy to guess.

But it is not too late yet and this is where sensible and prudent organisations can take the lead and be role models for others. And this is not all charity, but for their own sanity.

When humans are at risk because of rise of machines, so are organisations.

As humans and machines would compete in an organisation, it is imperative for organisations to know, how ‘humane’ their humans are. As of now, hardly any organisation can say this.

Evaluation of ‘soft skills’ like listening ability, empathy, compassion are relegated to the bottom most part in any HR appraisal system. Dominated by ‘Quotas’ and ‘KPIs’, they are more of a filler than actually meant.

It is time for organisations to have ‘EQ Quota’ and ‘EQ KPIs’ on a quarterly basis, like their other regular ones. While ‘Revenue Quotas’ could save the quarter, at most a year for the organisation; ‘EQ Quotas’ would make the organisation future proof.

Importance of this paradigm change required in an organisation’s thinking can be gauged when some unlikely candidates start realising the importance of this.

Last couple of days, Senior Police Inspectors of Pune City Police attended a workshop on ‘Emotional Intelligence’. Primary goal was to learn, how to be an active and patient listeners. Police departments are not known for radical changes, but they have the pulse of the society and in this case, Pune Police is trying to show us the right way.

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