Ergonomic Tips from Apple

While doctors define Repetitive Motion Injuries (RMI, RSI) in a very technical way, Apple demystifies the same for you.

The best way to visualize RMI is to think of each of your joints as a bucket. Micro-trauma from a variety of activities drips into your joint’s trauma bucket. Fortunately, your body can heal with time and safely absorb a certain amount of trauma. But if more trauma is placed into the bucket than can be absorbed by the natural healing process, the result can be pain and impaired movement.

RMI is a disorder that is based upon the time, amount and severity of your exposure. RMI disorders occur gradually over a long period of exposure to low level harmful conditions. A brief exposure to these conditions would not cause harm. But a prolonged exposure may, in some people, result in reduced ability to function.

Apple advises following ergonomic tips that will help you better absorb the trauma in your bucket.

Upper Body Risk: Ergonomic Solution

  • Always Work With Your Wrists Straight.
  • Keep Your Upper Arm Positioned Near Your Sides.
  • Work With Your Shoulders in a Relaxed Position.
  • Keep Your Neck Straight While Working.
  • Keep Frequently Used Items Within Easy Reach.
  • Vary Your Tasks to Allow Movements and Breaks.

Back and Legs Risk – Ergonomic Solution

  • Keep From Slouching Forward While Working.
  • Maintain Proper Alignment.
  • Keep Frequently Used Items Within Easy Reach.
  • Vary Your Tasks to Allow Movement and Breaks.
  • Take Care When Exerting Large Forces.

The Ideal Work Area Layout

  • Arrange your work area so that you are facing the computer monitor with the keyboard directly in line with the monitor. To avoid unnecessary reach, make sure that your input device is positioned directly to the left or right of your keyboard on the same surface.
  • If you use a phone on a consistent basis, a headset can allow you to work more comfortably.

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