ESS Suite Wants To Be A Single Platform Solution To Improve Employee Productivity

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ESS Suite Wants To Be A Single Platform Solution To Improve Employee Productivity

An essential part of any company is employee productivity and keeping track of this is not an easy task, especially with the vast number of parameters to be taken into consideration. In today’s work world when most companies are moving towards adopting a BYOD policy, tracking and managing employee productivity becomes even more tricky. Future lies in expanding to BYOD culture along with employee management and other platforms like collaboration with multiple project management tools.

ESSESS, by the Gurgaon based startup Ankhorus, is a SaaS based productivity management suite for any organisation, to track employee productivity, regardless of its size and nature.

The ESS suite will provide insights like timely and weekly performances of employees and teams, which can be used in decision making for productivity improvements. Along with this, the platform also helps in tracking malicious activities and many others, without interfering privacy of the employee. The suite is meant to come in handy for business owner, team leaders, managers and other high level officials who are directly involved with company or employee management.

Using the ESS management suite, you can find out which employee is performing, analyze inhouse trends, real time alerts, analyze growth over the weeks, months and years and many others.

The service is currently in beta phase and access is by invite only. In future a subscription based model is planned where companies will be charged on the basis of number of employees(per employee/per month basis). A basic plan for a limited number of employees might be provided for free.

A key competitor to this service is the (Saas based) real-time automatic time and productivity tracking platform, Desktime. Desktime comes with added support for multiple operating systems like Mac OSX and Linux, and will be a tough competition to beat. Especially with a lot of companies going OS agnostic, cross platform compatibility is something the ESS suite will have to deal with in the future, if not now.

ESS Dashboard

A prime focus of the platform is into analytics based on the data and insights collected.

The startup has also developed various add ons for the suite which can be implemented for different tasks like web stats, external file monitoring, with filters for real time alerts on the way.

When asked about their future plans for the suite, Raghav Shandilya, CEO/CTO, Ankhorus said “Later on, support to various platforms will be out there. And ESS can be used as productivity cum monitoring tool with prior defined BYOD guidelines of any organisation. As we are at very early stage we will be tweaking strategies with time. But for sure will go for BYOD in near future.”

About 15 companies have been currently invited and testing the Beta version, sid Shandilya. The team is also working to improve the platform based on the feedback received from theses testers.

With a lot of companies developing their own tools and methods for computing productivity, APIs will play also play a key role in gaining traction in the market. Currently the service does not provide APIs, but has plans for the future.

Tool like these will help manage company productivity, but a lot more other factors are also involved. The only way management suites can get traction or play a larger role in such scenarios is by getting better at analytics and by adapting to changing work culture. If the ESS suite needs to gain traction it needs to evolve with more granular controls, nice focus and perhaps a higher degree of customisation because different industries have different productivity measures and benchmarks.

We had recently profiled a employee payroll management tool ProfitBooks. This cloud based application allows businesses to create invoices, estimates and handle payroll management.

With multiple tools to required for different aspect of the same employee, is a unified tool that can do more than just manage one aspect what the industry requires?

You check out the ESS suite here.

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