Government’s ETongue & ENOVision to Help Tea Industry Produce Better Tea

TeaThe Government of India is all set to help the tea industry produce better tea with its newly developed quality check devices that can see, smell and taste tea accurately.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and IT, has developed products called ‘ENOVision’ and ‘ETongue’ for the tea industry to help them with mass production and proliferation.

CDAC, Kolkata has developed production ready prototypes of E-Nose, E-Vision and E-Tongue systems for rapid and objective measurement of tea quality.

The E-Nose for tea was innovated to help with the  human sniffing process. The E-Vision system will help with visual quality check by measuring colour, granular dimension, blackness and fiber content in tea bulk, through digital image analysis techniques. The E-Tongue system can make taste (astringency) measurements of tea liquor by electrochemical analysis of the samples.

According to a Delloite report on Inclusive Indian Innovations, ENOVision will help solve the problem of  non-availiability of tea testers in the country.

The technology has been developed through funding of DeitY under the National Program For Perception Engineering (NPPE) as well as funding from many other bodies like Tea Board, Tea Research Association (TRA) , Department of Science and Technology (DST) etc.

The department is also planning to customize these inventions for the quality evaluation of other agro produce like rice, chilly, turmeric etc and also in the sericulture area.