Eureka Mobile Advertising Launches Mobile Phone Utility to Monetize Idle Screens

eurekaWould you download an app that displays ads on your mobile when it is idle and pays you a tiny amount to do that?

UK-based Eureka Mobile Advertising, which was founded by Indian technology veterans, Rahul Jayawant and Yogesh Sholapurkar, has launched a mobile phone utility that monetizes the idle screen to deliver content to subscribers.

Eureka which is currently available on the Android platform, will soon be made available on BlackBerry and Symbian as well. They have so far tied up with telecom operator IDEA for a local partnership.

Eureka works in partnership with telecom operators and brands to deliver a unique opportunity for brands to engage with their customers.

At present, people who download and continue using Eureka, will get a one-time cash reward for early bird subscribers, along with special offers and relevant content. The first 100,000 subscribers will receive benefits worth Rs 30 (post-paid subscribers will receive Rs 30 credit from IDEA Cellular in the first monthly bill that appears subsequent to 30-days from signing up, while pre-paid subscribers will receive free talk time worth Rs 30 from IDEA Cellular after 30-days from signing up).

Rahul S Jayawant, Founder and CEO, Eureka Mobile Advertising, says,

“Going forward, we will expand our services to more geographies and telecom operators, as well as mobile OS’. Over the next 12 months, we aim to be present in multiple markets across the world. We see immense potential in this technology, and are excited about the opportunities that it presents.”

One interesting thing to note is that users will not incur any data charges for accessing the Eureka Service on the IDEA Cellular’s network in India. If one does click on an ad, data charges will app apply as per data plans. This applies to all circles except for post-paid customers of Punjab and Karnataka circles who will be charged as per their data plans.

One can also pause ads for the time being if they so require.

According to a recent report, the global market for mobile ads is likely to grow at about 37% every year to $22 billion in 2016, from the $3.4 billion in 2010. This is likely to increase the share of mobile marketing in overall advertising from 3.8% to 15.2%, the report by global telecom research firm Berg Insight said.

We see this as an interesting trend that could definitely get more popular as brands seek to grab eyes that are forever glued to smart devices and with added incentives could definitely attract a few users.

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