Even the most well-informed internet user wouldn’t know all of these 10 incredibly useful websites

Even the most well-informed internet user wouldn’t know all of these 10 incredibly useful websites:

Dread creating slide decks?

Meet Gamma.

You’ll write it like a doc and present it like a deck—and it’ll be done in half the time.

It’s like @NotionHQ and @canva had a baby.

Best features:
• One click deck restyling
• Flexible templates


A powerful realistic photo generator and illustration designer that automatically creates pictures based on your text inputs.

Stop searching for hours to find stock images.

Create original images in minutes for any use case.


An AI-powered summarization tool that’s “on a mission to help people be more productive with their knowledge.”

Upword lets you learn 10x faster by capturing key ideas and generating personalized summaries with one-click.

Make your learning efficient.


Visual Capitalist creates data-driven visuals to cut through the clutter and simplify our complex world.

It covers topics including markets, technology, energy, and the global economy.


Kill two birds with one stone with TypeLit:

1) Improve your typing skills

2) Learn from any book in the world


TypeLit provides typing practice on any of your favourite books—or you can choose from dozens of pre-loaded classics.


A no-code website builder that’s as easy to use as @NotionHQ.

Just start typing & create sites in seconds.

You can also choose from plenty of templates and themes to speed up design.

Perfect for:
• Digital creators
• Job seekers
• Founders


This page curates the best SaaS tools for early stage startups.

It’s neatly organized by categories like:
• Scraping
• User onboarding
• Billing
• Product analytics



Kialo allows you to see arguments on both sides of any debate in the world.

As Charlie Munger said, “I never let myself hold an opinion on anything that I don’t know the other side’s argument better than they do.”

Kialo helps you do that.


Looking to work remotely?

Planning an upcoming trip and wanting to get the inside scoop on a city?

Go Nomad.

You’ll find everything you could hope to know to make informed decisions on where to go next.


And finally, for some fun…

Here’s one for Meme lovers:

Supermeme lets you generate share-worthy original memes in seconds.

Whether you’re a corporate looking to up their marketing efforts or just wanting to have fun—SuperMeme has you covered 😉

That’s 10 of the best websites I’ve found.

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